About me

My name is P. Phanphachara , but you  probably call me easily as“Goong”

I originally hail from Bangkok, Thailand where I grew up with my extended lovely family and graduated from Chulalongkorn University studying Political Science; major in Sociology and Anthropology.

With the fascinating knowledge of Sociology and the exciting world of E-commerce era ( during that time), I had been definitely inspired to make the decision to study Master’s in Computer Science from DePaul University’s school of Human Computer Interaction in Chicago, Illinois USA.

After graduation, I have spent almost 10 years in the field of marketing and communications which mainly take the responsibility on PR and Digital marketing which joining in  Aptech-Arena ( Global IT & Multimedia  Learning Solution) and Brother Commercial (Thailand) Co.Ltd.

It was during that period; I learned a lot about how social media could be deep impact on not only marketing and communication but also most facets of human being’ life: politics, education and economics. Nowadays, it became one of the marketing tools which is active, effective sustainable and especially inexpensive budget.It would be the social and personal interactive norms are probably replaced by electronic interdependence and era when electronic media replaces visual culture, producing cognitive shifts and new social organization. (Word of mouth -> Global of mouth)

 Global of Mouth is the digital marketing and social media blog that aims to provide readers with practical, relevant information that they can use in their own digital marketing efforts. In addition, Global of Mouth is for readers wanting to share social media skills and how to integrate marketer’s experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about who I am, what I do and how I can help you, feel free to drop me a line at phan_pin@yahoo.com

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